Advanced Studio Art

a Distance Experience

In the past 9 plus weeks we have relied on one another to pull us through these unbelievable circumstances and adjust to a new way of experiencing studio art. 

The work you will see here is from the trimesters that came before as well as what we are affectionately calling

The Distance Experience. 


Over the course of the 2019-2020 Academic Year, students in the Advanced Art curriculum have wrestled with and responded to issues personal, political, cultural and global. Some of the work may be "raw" or might make some viewers uncomfortable. Rather than sensor the authentic expressions of these artists we have decided to honor the truth of their individual voices, the nature of their challenging experiences, and the insight this provides into their creative worlds. As the adult in charge, any criticism of this decision falls on me. I am happy to discuss this choice with you dear viewer if you would like. I can be reached at

Tricia K. Smith  Foundering, digital photograph

This photograph is one captured in April of 2020.

Personally, I take particular exception to the desecration of our nation's emblem. As a Girl Scout I learned the appropriate way to honor a desecrated flag -which is any flag that has been damaged beyond repair or has touched the ground - it must be burned. 

I saw this flag in this state and it resonated with me. To me it was a metaphor for the state of our nation, and how we are perceived globally. After capturing the poignant situation I took it home to dispose of it properly.



Xindi Bao '20

Lily Earley '20

Charlotte Gebhard '20

Lela Krein '21

Alicia Liu '21

Grace Mead '20

Max Mignatti '20

Taylor Spikell '20

Maden Sterrett '21

Riley Suh '20

William Wu '20  - 

Distance Location

Chengdu City , Sichuan, China

Duxbury, MA, United States

South Dartmouth, MA, United States

Marion, MA, United States

Boston, MA, United States

South Dartmouth, MA, United States

Islas Baleares, Mallorca, Spain

Gibson Island, MD, United States

West Hartford, CT, United States

Marion, MA, United States

DaXing District, Beijing, China

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